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Staying Positive Through 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for all. With lockdowns and travel restrictions separating us from loved ones, ongoing job uncertainty, combined with the pressure to become perfect home-school teachers overnight on top of everything else. Whilst the need to stay physically healthy through the pandemic is important, staying mentally healthy is just as important to our wellbeing.

We are human, so getting stuck in a negative headspace after a tough time is only natural. Make sure you check in with the people around you, and don’t hesitate to reach out yourself if you’re feeling down - we all need a helping hand sometimes.  It’s more important than ever to show compassion to yourself and those around you. Showing gratitude is one-way mindful technique to stay positive. By writing a gratitude list at the end of each day it allows you to think about the specific positive moments each day, rather than writing off a whole day as bad. It can be simple pleasures, just make sure you connect with what you’re writing.

Local community hubs can often be found on social media pages like and these are great ways to connect with people in your area. If you’re a book lover then you could find or create a local book swap network to meet likeminded people or start a walking club that explores different routes in the areas. If you have neighbours that are shielding, then let them know you’re around to help – remember, the thing they might need the most is a conversation. If you can socially distance outside the front door for a tea and a chat this could transform someone’s day.

Crafts can be a therapeutic way to unwind, especially for children with their limitless energy. Bond with little ones by crafting your own unique creations – from homemade Christmas cards to handmade puppets – the world is your oyster! The process is a fun way to unwind and a wonderful way to spread kindness if you create something for someone else. Sending grandparents, neighbours, and friends your creations to show that you’re thinking of them – chances are you’ll brighten their whole day!

The great outdoors and exercise have been saviours for many over this year, and just because the weather has got cooler it doesn’t mean that should change. Thankfully, many personal trainers have adapted to online sessions and live streams so you can find the right class – ranging anything from yoga to intense HIIT sessions – all from the comfort of home! If you fancy braving the cold then simple walks are great ways to unwind, stretch your legs and get fresh air. Also, if you’re working from home and stuck in the same environment all day it often clouds the time between work and leisure. By committing to a walk after work it’s a way of separating the two.

We’d love to know what has kept you positive through this time, and what are you thankful for? Wishing you all a lovely Christmas from the Le Toy Van team x

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