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Hollywood wooden toy film camera, Le Toy Van
Farm Eggs Half Dozen Crate
Apples & Pears Market Crate
Royal Express Train Set (180 pieces)
Activity Walker, Toy - Le Toy Van
Activity Walker
Wooden Binoculars, Toy - Le Toy Van
Rocking Unicorn Carousel, Toy - Le Toy Van
Tree Top Stacker,  - Le Toy Van
Doll Nursery Set,  - Le Toy Van
Dolly Ice Cream Van, Toy - Le Toy Van
Doll House Laundry Room, Toy - Le Toy Van
Doll House Playmat,  - Le Toy Van
Royal Express Locomotive
Royal Express Train Set (180 pieces)
Great Green Train
London Car Set,  - Le Toy Van
London Car Set

Imaginative and Traditional Wooden Toys

Le Toy Van is a small, proudly family-orientated company with a big heart. We're passionate about play and believe that childhood should be enjoyed to the full. That's why we've been making imaginative and traditional wooden toys, designed in London with love and a touch of French je ne sais quoi, for almost 25 years.

Our wooden toys are designed to encourage developing senses and are packed with layers of discovery for young, growing imaginations. Our products bring multiple learning dimensions to their plastic and digital counterparts, with their different weights, shapes, sizes and textures little ones experience a Montessori-style learning experience, excellent for their cognitive development.

Ethically made from sustainable, tactile Rubberwood, our uniquely designed, multi-award winning, traditional wooden toys are a true investment in play for generations to come. Conscious of our carbon footprint, we work hard to make sure that our wood comes from sustainable forests, supporting local farmers and their communities, pledging to replant and replace what will become beautiful toys. Our toys are handmade only at certified ethical factories, therefore providing careers opportunities and services for local families. You can read more about choosing sustainable toys here.

Theodora Children's Charity

We are incredibly grateful to Le Toy Van for their support of our Giggle Doctors. Their donation will help to fund more magical Giggle Doctor visits for children in hospital. Thank you for all the giggles you have made possible!"

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